Chalkboard Signage

I recently worked on a set of Chalkboard signs for Holy Martyr Peter (the Aleut) Orthodox Church, and Ballet Barre Works. They had both recently moved into the St. Mark and St. Philip’s Church in Marda loop. They needed a series of very different scaled signs, as well as very different content, but they had to have a unified theme.

So, to start this whole endeavour I created a plan on illustrator, trekked my computer, a projector and tons of chalk down to the church and got to work. I found working on these very calming. There is something so peaceful about putting chalk to a board and just being alone with this one moment of design. I don’t get a lot of chances to use traditional media anymore so this was a bit of a treat. I loved the tactile nature of the whole process. Every sign turned out very unique, given the medium, but they all work together as a set.

This is a work in progress, as the Church renovates and grows so will the signs. The Ballet Barre Works mural is meant to be temporary and will be updated periodically as well.


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