Marshmallow Product Shot
Mo. Marshmallows instagram context
In Store Mo. Marshmallows display
Mo. Marshmallows Packaging
Take a product, research its history and find a way to make it something completely new. Redesign the package, website, social media and any other necessary touch points. The product I chose was Jet-Puffed Marshmallows.
There is a gap between when you love marshmallows as a child, and then appreciate them again when you have children yourself. There is an untapped audience open to this new approach to marshmallows.
Brand Story
We are lovers of late nights and cozy mornings. Let’s laugh around the campfire, while listening to that one perfect song. The faint smell of smoke lingering on our clothes for days. Let’s play in the snow like kids until our noses are pink and our toes are cold. Snowball fights and snow angels in a blanket of white snow. Let’s warm up on the couch with fuzzy socks, big sweaters and hot chocolate. Sitting in front of the fireplace for hours, enjoying each others company. Let’s celebrate relationships and the moments that create our story.
Art Direction + Design
Abrie Miller
Megan Rutkowski
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