Wes Anderson

Over the summer of 2015 I decided to keep my design wheels turning by doing some fun illustrations. I guess you could say this was busywork, but it was also a chance for me to explore a new style and technique. After working on a superhero infographic in 3rd year at ACAD, I realized that I really enjoyed creating vectorized pop-culture illustrations.

I started working on my Wes Anderson series. His movies are always so much fun to watch. The style is evident all the way through, right down to the way he gets his characters to walk. Everything is thought out, everything is deliberate. I think that’s why I enjoy watching his movies so much. He’s so talented and good at his craft. So with all that said, I decided to try out my own style with his characters.

It was a very fun exercise, and these are just a few of the resulting illustrations. I now have some of the pieces for sale on society6, and hopefully will be adding more soon.





Full Character Set, Wes Anderson Vector Poster

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